PPVFRA Award Farmers List

The Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Authority (PPV&FRA) has been established by the Central Government under the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act, 2001. The Authority grants exclusive rights to the breeders and farmers who have bred, evolved or developed any variety. The Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers’ Rights Authority, under the provision of section 45 of PPV&FR Act, 2001 Rule 70 (2) (a) [PPV&FR Rules, 2003] has instituted Plant Genome Savior Community Award. Additionally, as per section 39 (1)(iii) of PPV&FR Act, 2001, the Central Government has notified the PPV&FR (Recognition and Reward from the Gene Fund) Rules, 2012 for rewarding and recognizing farmers.

The Authority confers the "Plant Genome Savior Community Award" annually on the basis of shortlisting and site verification of the applications received from the community of farmers/farming community based organizations who have a long track record for conserving plant agro-biodiversity. Applications are now invited for the award, which is open to all Indian group of farmers, community of farmers, particularly the tribal and rural communities engaged in conservation, improvement and preservation of genetic resources of economic plants and their wild relatives particularly in the areas identified as agro bio-diversity hotspots. There shall be maximum of five awards in a year, consisting of a cash of Rs.Ten lakh each, a citation and a memento.

ICAR JSS KVK has identifed such type progressive farmers and applid throgh KVK to PPV & FRA. The authority has identified those farmers and gave the award. The farmers detials are as follows

Farmer Name : Sri. M. Rechanna
Contact Address : Hosa Malangi @ Post, Kollegal Takuk Chamarajanagar Dist. Karnataka - 571442
Contact Number : 9481321530
Conservation Efforts : Paddy, Black gram, Cowpea, Greengram and sesamum
No. of Varieties Conserved : Paddy-200 ,Black gram-1 ,Cowpea – 3 ,Green gram-2 and Sesamum – 2
Area : 3 acres
Innovative methods involved : In-situ conservation for over 12 years
Awarded Year : 2014
Farmer Name : Sri. M.K. Shakarguru
Contact Address : Madralli, Kannalli Post, T.N. Pura Taluk,Mysore District, Karnataka-571442
Contact Number : 9900658921
Conservation Efforts : Paddy
No. of Varieties Conserved : Paddy-14
Area : 3 acres
Innovative methods involved : In-situ conservation for over 23 years
Other Organization Recognized : Recognition from National Innovation Foundation
Awarded Year : 2014
Farmer Name : Sri. S.R. Shrinivasa Murthy
Contact Address : Siddanahundi, Vysarajapura post, T.N.Pura Taluk, Mysuru Dist., Karnataka-571120
Contact Number : 9900746499
Conservation Efforts : Paddy,Ragi, Blackgram and Cowpea
No. of Varieties Conserved : Paddy-100 and Ragi-2
Area : 1 acre
Innovative methods involved : In-situ conservation, SRI Method, Usage of Drum seeder & Cono weeder
Other Recognition : Taluk level(Rajyotsava award), State level(Navaratri Raitotsava)
Awarded Year : 2017
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