COVID 19 Initiatives

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new risks that threaten livelihoods in all corners of sectors. Agriculture sector is also affected more. Farmers suffered in proper marketing facility, advisory services from experts and agri inputs.

The University of Agriculture Sciences, Bengaluru has formed AGRI WAR ROOM comprising of Extension Education Unit, Naganahalli, Mysuru, District Agriculture Training Centre (DATC), Mysuru, Institute of Agriculture Technology (IAT), Mysuru, Agriculture Tecnology Management Agency (ATMA), Mysuru, College of Horticulture, Mysuru and ICAR JSS KVK, Suttur to cope up the COVID-19 pendemic situation in the Mysuru district.

Advisory Service

AGRI WAR ROOM Advisory service provided to farmers who are visited to KVK since 24th March 2020

Sl. No. Date Report
1 24-30 May 2020 images
2 01-03 June 2020 images
3 04-08 June 2020 images
4 09-13 June 2020 images
5 14-17 June 2020 images
6 18-24 June 2020 images
7 25-30 June 2020 images
8 01-05 July 2020 images
9 06-12 July 2020 images
10 03-19 July 2020 images
11 20-26 July 2020 images
12 27th July 2020 to 2nd August 2020 images

List of Video Conference for farmers through AGRI WAR ROOM

Video conference conducted for farmers in collaboration with District Agriculture Training Centre (DATC), Institute of Agriculture Technology (IAT), Agriculture Tecnology Management Agency (ATMA), UAS, Bengaluru Naganahalli Training Centre, College of Horticultureand ICAR JSS KVK, Suttur

The list of on farm trials conducted since inception are as below

Sl. No. Date Topic Resource Person
1 10.06.2020 Marketing linkage to Hort. produce and alternative opportunities Sri. B.S. Harish, Asst. Professor, College of Horticulture, Mysuru
2 15.06.2020 Management of problematic soils Sri. J.G. Rajanna,Prog. Asst. (Soil Science),ICAR JSS KVK, Suttur
3 19.06.2020 Management of Agriculture loans Dr. Krishinamurthy Rtd., Bank officer
4 25.06.2020 Management of Army worm in Maize Dr.Vijaya Kumar, Associate Professor,VC Farm Mandya
5 29.06.2020 Management of diseases in plants with new Fungicide Sri. B.S. Harish, Asst. Professor, College of Hort., Mysuru
6 03.07.2020 Suitable paddy varieties for Kharif 2020 season Dr. M.P. Rajanna, Plant Breeder, VC Farm, Mandya
7 07.07.2020 Disease Management in Ginger Dr. Venkatesh Dean, College of Agriculture, Mandya
8 09.07.2020 Facilities available in NABARD Bank Sri. Manikantan District Development Manager, NABARD, Mysuru

Video Conference conducted by the Director, ICAR-ATARI

The list of Video Conference programmes conducted by Director, ICAR-ATARI, Bengaluru

Sl. No. Date Particulars
1 13 April 2020 Video Conference Heads of KVKs
2 08 May 2020 Heads of KVKs of Karnataka
3 27-28 May 2020 Annual Review and Action Plan of KVKs under technical support of UAS, Dharwad
4 01 June 2020 Annual Review and Action Plan of KVKs under technical support of UAS, Raichur
5 03 June 2020 Annual Review and Action Plan of KVKs under technical support of UAS, Shivamogga
6 13 June 2020 Interaction with Hon'ble Agriuclutre Minister, GoK
7 25-26 June 2020 Review and Action Plan of Nutri-garden
8 14-15 July 2020 Zonal Workshop of KVKs

Advisory services

The advisory services provided to the farming community

Sl. No. Month Download
1 April 2020 images
2 May 2020 images
3 June 2020 images
4 July 2020 images

Image Gallery

Proposed Advisory for May 2020

During COVID 19 lock down, ICAR JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra proposed advisory to farmers. The KVK is functioning with full staff strenght providing advisory to the farmers visit to agri clinic and providing agri inputs.

Advisory for April 2020 and providing Inputs to farmers

During COVID 19 lock down, ICAR JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra provides advisory programme over phone and as well as providing advisory to farmers visit to KVK. Agri inputs (viz Bio-agents, QPM and others provided to farmers)

During COVID 19 lock down, Scientists visited to farmers field and gather the data about the market trends during the lock down period and providing the agri advisory.

Video Conference with Agril. Minister, GoK

Sri. B.C. Patil, Hon'ble Agriculture Minister, Govt. of Karnataka participating in video conference conducted by ICAR ATARI, Zone-XI, Bengaluru for all KVKs of Karnataka

Preparation of Hand Sanitizer
During COVID 19 lock down, Smt. Netravati Yettinamani, Scientist (Home Science) and Sri. J.G. Rajanna, Programme Assistant (Soil Science), prepared hand sanitizer, masks prepared from SHG have distributed to staff members and JSS sister institutions.

The Host Organization JSS Mahavidyapeetha, Mysuru initiative to combat Corona.

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